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ADVANTG course

In the frame of a EUROfusion-JET agreement with US-DOE, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) will organize  a course on the ADVANTG (AutomateD VAriaNce reducTion Generator) code preceding the XIth ITER Neutronics Meeting. The course will take place 19-20 May, 2016, at KIT Campus North, Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR). Transport from the Akademie hotel to KIT Campus North will be provided for the course participants. No fee is required for the course. The number of participants, however,  is limited.

If you wish to attend only the ADVANTG course, please send an e-mail to Mrs. Schwartz (ingeborg schwartzLys3∂kit edu) before 15th April 2016 with the following information:


- RADIATION TRANSPORT CODES EXPERIENCE (Codes / level of experience / typical applications).


Participants to this course, who will also participate in the XI ITER Neutronics meeting, can register by ticking the corresponding field on the meeting registration page. 


For the convenience of the course participants, we recommend accommodation in the Akademie Hotel also for the ADVANTG course. For a room reservation, please send an e-mail to Mrs. Schwartz (ingeborg schwartzIma1∂kit edu), or, in case you will also participate in the XI ITER Neutronics meeting, just indicate your extended stay on the meeting registration page.


ADVANTG is an automated tool developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for generating variance reduction parameters for fixed-source continuous-energy Monte Carlo simulations with MCNP5 V1.60 based on approximate 3-D multigroup discrete ordinates adjoint transport solutions generated by Denovo. It has been proven to be very useful for several radiation transport problems including fusion neutronics applications.


IMPORTANT - The participants should have the ADVANTG code installed on their laptops! 

ADVANTG code is available from the NEA data bank (CCC-0831 ADVANTG 3.0.1).

Please contact as soon as possible your liaison officer for requesting the code.

Note that the package does not include MCNP, then if you would run MCNP5 it you should have it installed in your laptop too.

In addition to ADVANTG and MCNP5, it is 'strongly' recommended that you download and install the open-source VisIt visualization software.  VisIt will be used during the interactive tutorials to visualize discrete ordinates and mesh tally outputs.  No previous experience with VisIt is necessary.

VisIt executables for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows can be downloaded here.