Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)

Code TwoPorFlow

Reactor Safety: Development of 3D Thermal-hydraulic Codes


TwoPorFlow: Twophase Porous Media Flow Code:

  • Forced convection porous body approach
  • Sub-channel fuel assembly simulations
  • Steady state and transient solution
  • Conventional closure correlations from standard literature (heat transfer and pressure loss)
  • Coarse Cartesian grids
  • 3D-conservation equations for two interpenetrating fluids Implicit Continuous Eulerian method (ICE)
  • Water and steam properties: IAPWS-97 formulation
  • 3D-Heat conduction for porous body
  • Direct pressure solver (LU with pivoting) for small problems
  • Iterative BiCGSTAB pressure solver for large problems
  • Completely programmed in Fortran 95
Validation of TwoPorFLow: BWR BFBT Pressure Drop Test   Validation of TwoPorFLow: BWR BFBT Turbine Trip Transient Test