Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)

Transients and DBA

Reactor Safety: Analysis of Transients and Design Basis Accidents


The R&D activities concentrate on training and validation of numerical methods used to investigate the behaviour of reactor systems at

  • Operation transients and design basis accidents
  • Beyond design accidents

This includes the development of own numerical tools as well as the application of tools from other institutions for safety assessment (neutronic, thermal-hydraulic, safety)

Partnership in the international CAMP program of US NRC concerning the validation of TRACE, RELAP5 and PARCS


Development of High Fidelity Tools (DYNSUB) for the simulation of LWR cores including SP3 transport and subchannel methods with respect to a direct determination of safety relevant parameters

Validation of DYNSUB by comparison with experimental data as well as Monte Carlo / thermal-hydraulic coupling


Contribution to EU projects like NURISP and NURESAFE which imply the development of a European simulation platform (NURESIM) for the multi-physical and multi-scale coupling of neutronic and thermal-hydraulic codes

Integration of SUBCHANFLOW in NURESIM and coppling with COBAYA3 for an improvement of the simulation, e.g. the boron transport process in the reactor core