Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)

Severe Accidents

Reactor Safety: Beyond Design Accidents


Validation of severe accident codes ATHLET-CD and ASTEC for BWR and PWR

  • Experimental code validation concerning reactor pressure vessel phenomena
  • Utilization of KIT experiments like CORA and QUENCH
  • Utilization of other experiments like PHEBUS
  • Development of optimized emergency management activities for postulated severe accidents
  • Partnership in the EU project CESAM and the BMFB project WASA-BOSS

Validation of the ATHLET-CD code on the basis of experimental data


  • Focus is on the behaviour of superheated fuel pin bundles under flooding conditions
  • Evaluation of the hydrogen release caused by oxidation of metallic surfaces
  • Formation of molten material and disposal into lower core regions
  • Application of validated codes with respect to safety assessment