Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)

Neutronic Methods

Reactor Safety: Neutronic Methods


KANEXT (Karlsruhe Neutronic Extendable Tool)

  • Modular system for neutron-physical calculations of critical and subcritical system
  • Combination of deterministic and Monte Carlo methods
  • Determination of inherent safety-relevant parameters of core designs
  • Application in many EU Projects
  • Determination of nuclide inventory, activation potential and dose rates of significant reactor components related to dismantling

KANEXT-VABUSH:VARIANT-Burnup-Shuffling Methode

  • Fast reactor sequence for effective cross sections generation
  • Nodal transport core solver VARIANT (DIF3D)
  • Problem dependent bur-nup and depletion with option for reactor down-times
  • Flexible fuel reshuffling options