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DAF is engaged in several educational Programmes; this includes the organisation of training in field of expertise like ANSYS, RCC-MR, Project Management, etc. In addition DAF is involved in Training Project in EFDA framework with the overall objective to helping to provide the necessary broad expert basis to successfully conduct the European Fusion Technology development programme along with ITER and the developments beyond ITER.


The DAF is currently involved in three EFDA Goal Oriented Programmes; in each of these a trainees is employed and a member of the DAF act as supervisors of the Trainees’s activities. The GOTS, EUROBREED (Breeding Blanket Developments for Fusion Reactors), ITER-PPE (ITER Port-Plug Engineering) and PSE (Power Supplies Engineering ), are in form of networks; DAF has the coordination of EUROBREED (network of eight European partners).