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Qualification of Fabrication Technologies


A key competence of the DAF is the development and qualification of technologies and processes for manufacturing of fusion relevant experimental components. The development procedure for qualification starts with fabrication experiments in laboratory scale. The experimental results will be used to define draft specifications to be applied in medium scale with involvement of industry. In collaboration with industry then prototypical Mock Ups of reactor relevant components are fabricated and tested. The qualification of experimental fabrication results is performed in collaboration with other KIT institutes or European partners by a series of standard procedures (e.g. leak and pressure test), non destructive (ultrasonic) and destructive (tensile and Charpy) testing routines. The final goal of the activity is the definition of Fabrication / Welding Procedure Specifications (F/WPS) which will be implemented in design codes (e.g. RCC-MR).


The present activities are mainly concentrated on the development of the Test Blanket Module (TBM) for ITER and the internal breeder cells. The main challenge is the development and implementation of new fabrication routines (e.g. the First Wall fabrication by diffusion welding and bending) with the low activation ferritic-martensitic 9% Cr steel EUROFER. This material is not considered in the present design codes. Additionally a variety of welding procedures need to be qualified for the assembly of the TBM box and internal structures. Additionally tests are performed in order to investigate interactions between the materials of the EU Solid Breeder Blanket (EUROFER, breeder Material (e.g. Li4SiO4) and multiplier material Beryllium) and for the assembly of pebble beds of ceramic and beryllium. Small activities are for the IFMIF project: NaK compability with EUROFER.

(left) TBM First Wall forming procedure bending after HIP,
(right) medium scale first wall shell produced in industry