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Design and Analyses of nuclear Components, Manufacturing and Qualification (DAF)

  • Thermal and structure mechanical analyses on nuclear components
  • Design of blankets, divertors and test cells
  • Qualification and analyses of fabrication technologies for nuclear components and systems
  • International coordination of the TBM consortium

Design and analyses


Design and analyses of nuclear components require a wide set of competencies in different domains (CAD Engineering, Fluid dynamic, thermal and mechanical analyses) and the handling of several numerical tools (e.g. CATIA, ANSYS). In addition it is required expertise in mechanical design qualification and assessment of the components (licensing of nuclear components) by means of design Codes and Standards (e.g. ASME, RCC-MR). The DAF team is strongly involved in the frame of the Test Blanket Module design development activities for ITER (Design of the TBM and related performance analyses). Other major project is the design and integration of In-Vessel Components for the DEMO fusion reactor conceptual studies. Details

Qualification of Fabrication Technologies

Qualification A key competence of the DAF is the development and qualification of technologies and processes for manufacturing of fusion relevant experimental components. This includes experiments in laboratory scale up to the production of prototypical Mock Ups with industry partners. The final goal of the activity is the definition of Fabrication / Welding Procedure Specifications (F/WPS) which will be implemented in design codes (e.g. RCC-MR). The present activities are mainly concentrated on the development of the Test Blanket Module (TBM) for ITER and the internal breeder cells. Additionally tests are performed in order to investigate interactions between the materials of the EU Solid Breeder Blanket (EUROFER, breeder Material and Beryllium) and for the assembly of pebble beds of ceramic and beryllium. Other activities are for the IFMIF project: NaK compability with EUROFER. Details

Management of large Projects

 Management A further competence in DAF is the management (Project and Quality Management) of large Projects. The Group has developed and implemented together with Fusion Programme at KIT procedures for Documentation Systems, CAD Design, Project Office, System Engineering and Configuration Management. The systems are currently used in ongoing Projects, like the European TBM Consortium of Associates (TBM-CA). Details


DAF is engaged in several educational Programmes; these include the organisation of training in field of expertise like ANSYS, RCC-MR, Project Management, etc. In addition DAF is involved in Training Project under EFDA (Goal Oriented Programmes): EUROBREED (Breeding Blanket Developments for Fusion Reactors), ITER-PPE (ITER Port-Plug Engineering) and PSE (Power Supplies Engineering). Details