Methods and Codes for the Analysis of Design Basis Accidents

Research goal

The R&D activities concentrate on validation, improvements, uncertainty quantification and coupling with other solvers in order to investigate the behaviour of Light Water Reactors (LWR) including Generation II (German PWR, BWR, VVER-1000), Gen-III (AP1000), Small Modular Reactors (SMART), and research reactors (MTR-type). Typical activities are safety evaluations of different transient (Non-LOCA and LOCA) using system thermal hydraulic codes with Point Kinetics and coupled to 3D nodal diffusion kinetics (PARCS) for safety demonstration.

Since more than 25 years, KIT is participating on the international Code Assessment and Maintenance Program (CAMP) of the US NRC and the last six years as German Representative for CAMP. Through CAMP, KIT has full access to the source codes of e.g. TRACE, RELAP5, and PARCS to a large international community of regulators, universities and research centres aimed at the improvement of safety analysis tools worldwide.



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