Institut für Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik (INR)

Experimental Test Facilities


KASOLA is a versatile experimental facility in construction to investigate flow phenomena in liquid sodium for nuclear and non-nuclear applications.

SOLTEC 1-3 facilities are part of HAC, the HEMCP AMTEC Center, which is imbedded in Helmholtz Energy Material Characterization Platform (HEMCP). The SOLTEC facilities are in different stage of development, for example SOLTEC-2 is at the end of the set-into-operation phase, while SOLTEC-3 is currently in manufacturing.

ATEFA - AMTEC Test Facility – has been used for investigations and development of AMTEC converter.

DITEFA - DIvertor TEst FAcility - is a small multipurpose liquid metal test facility for thermo-hydraulic investigations related to solar, fusion and nuclear energy.

The SOLTEC family is composed of three independent loops operating sodium up to 1000 K under safe conditions. SOLTEC 1+2 are for material characterizations, SOLTEC 3 is designed for 1200 K to allow for AMTEC long term experiments. All loops are housed so that they can be used safely in any laboratory.