Magnet Safety

MAGS, a Computer Code System for Thermal Analysis of Helium cooled Superconducting Magnets

INR develops the code system MAGS (MAGnetSafety) for thermal analysis of liquid Helium cooled superconducting magnets. Main emphasis of the development is the behavior of forced flow-cooled coils during incidents and accidents. Examples are:

  • Loss of superconductivity (quench) 
  • Shorts between turns in a coil 
  • Arcs in a coil and arcs in the coil power supply lines 
  • Loss of vacuum of the magnet cryostat including steam condensation on cold surfaces

Present work concentrates on arcs at the coil power supply lines and loss of vacuum of the magnet cryostat. In the area of electric arcs the voltage-current characteristics is currently investigated. Accompanying supporting experiments are underway.

In cooperation with EFDA, MAGS is to be upgraded to the standards required for a usage in the licensing procedure for the ITER coils.

Supercondacting coil
Superconducting coil built in a joined effort of ITP and INR to investigate two-dimensional quench propagation

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