PARTISN is a parallelized neutron transport code based on the Sn method. It is the evolutionary successor to the DANTSYS code. A number of geometry options is available, including RZ and XYZ ones.



We have extended PARTISN at KIT for the code application to time-dependent problems in combination with KIN3D and SIMMER.



For simulation of zero-power ADS-related experiments, we use KIN3D/PARTISN.



For 3D safety analyses of advanced nuclear reactors, we use SIMMER-IV/PARTISN.


Compared to the neutron transport solver applied with SIMMER-IV earlier and based on DANTSYS, the PARTISN option accelerates calculations for multiprocessor computers.


Fig. 1. Flux distribution in a reflected cylindrical core



 R. E. Alcouffe and R. S. Baker. “PARTISN: A Time-Dependent, Parallel Neutral Particle Transport Code System”, LA-UR-08-07258 (March 2009).