Sodium aerosol behaviour with CONTAIN-LMR code

The prediction of nuclear aerosols behaviour associated with postulated accidents in in Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors (SFRs) is necessary for the assessment of the radiological consequences of these events and to optimize filter systems and as well as design safety adapted reactor components. As a consequence of the high chemical reactivity of sodium with air and steam, it would undergo sodium oxidation within the containment atmosphere. The exothermic nature of the chemical reactions determines to a large extent both particle size distribution and population. As a result, the radiological source term to the environment will then depend on in-containment Na-aerosol behavior. CONTAIN-LMR code can reproduce physical and chemical processes during sodium fires in case of a severe accident in a SFR. CONTAIN-LMR is a computer code to analyze physical and chemical phenomena, including modeling of the sodium fire and aerosol behavior, in the reactor containment after a severe accident. For the validation experiments with pool-sodium fire performed in the FAUNA facility at the former FZK have been used.



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