Institut für Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik (INR)


The KORIGEN code has been developed at Karlsruhe from an Oak Ridge Isotope Generation and Depletion code, ORIGEN.

We have used KORIGEN for fuel burn-up studies with pre-generated nuclear data libraries. We have also used it for modelling of the spent fuel radioactive inventory evolution [1] and related values, including:

  • Molar concentrations  or masses (g) for nuclides and elements
  • Radioactivities (Bq or Ci)
  • Total and gamma heat releases (W)
  • Ingestion radio-toxicities (relative)
  • Inhalation radio-toxicities (relative)

Fig. 1. Radioactivity of spent fuel and its components



  1. H.W. Wiese, Development and application of KORIGEN,, 1998.