The KORIGEN code has been developed at Karlsruhe from an Oak Ridge Isotope Generation and Depletion code, ORIGEN.

We have used KORIGEN for fuel burn-up studies with pre-generated nuclear data libraries. We have also used it for modelling of the spent fuel radioactive inventory evolution [1] and related values, including:

  • Molar concentrations  or masses (g) for nuclides and elements
  • Radioactivities (Bq or Ci)
  • Total and gamma heat releases (W)
  • Ingestion radio-toxicities (relative)
  • Inhalation radio-toxicities (relative)

Fig. 1. Radioactivity of spent fuel and its components



  1. H.W. Wiese, Development and application of KORIGEN, https://publikationen.bibliothek.kit.edu/170043229, 1998.