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Nuclear waste, especially the long living fission products as well as the minor actinides requires special handling. A promising way to reduce the amount of long-living waste is to convert it into short-living waste. This can be achieved efficiently in fast critical and subcritical reactors. Since a long time, our institute contributes to respective projects of the EU Framework Programs (FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020) and to industrial partner funded projects. In our institute, we concentrate on the safety evaluation of these inovative reactor concepts that in the future are to be used for nuclear waste transmution.

SUBCHANFLOW code is used to model a fuel element with intact geometry. For transients, belonging to design basis conditions (DBC) or design extention conditions (DEC), fast running in-house codes like SIM-family codes are used. For severe accidents, the system code SAS-SFR, further developed and maintained in our institute, and system code ASTEC-Na are applied.



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