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Experimental Test Facilities


KASOLA is a versatile experimental facility in construction to investigate flow phenomena in liquid sodium for nuclear and non-nuclear applications.

SOLTEC 1-3 is part of HAC, the HEMCP AMTEC Center, which is imbedded in Helmholtz Energy Material Characterization Platform (HEMCP). All three SOLTEC facilities, actually under manufacturing, are scheduled to start operation mid-2016.

ATEFA - AMTEC Test Facility - is aimed at further investigation and development of AMTEC converter.

DITEFA - DIvertor TEst FAcility - is a small multipurpose liquid metal test facility for thermo-hydraulic investigations related to solar, fusion and nuclear energy.

The SOLTEC family is composed of three independent loops operating sodium up to 1000 K under safe conditions. SOLTEC 1+2 are for material characterizations, SOLTEC 3 is designed for 1200 K to allow for AMTEC long term experiments. All loops are housed so that they can be used safely in any laboratory.