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SESAME project targets at pre-normative, fundamental, safety-related thermal-hydraulic generic challenges for liquid metal cooled reactors. In this respect, emphasis will be put on model development and validation. Obviously, model development and validation always need reference data. Therefore, within SESAME, the work will be organized such that creation of reference data goes hand in hand with the use of these data for model development and/or validation. Having the thorough identification and prioritization process in mind, the work is focussed on the assessment of thermal fluctuations, vibrations, core thermalhydraulics, pool thermal-hydraulics, and integral system thermal-hydraulics, as well as the establishment of best practise guidelines, improved V&V methodologies, and uncertainty quantification. The SESAME project is complementary to the thermal-hydraulic work package of the MYRTE project. Namely, SESAME has a focus on pre-normative, fundamental, safety-related and generic challenges.


At the INR, an experiment will be implemented into the base loop of KASOLA, which will investigate flow separation in mixed and buoyant convective flows. For such an experiment, a defined knowledge on the transition from forced convection to mixed convection and finally to natural convection is of fundamental importance, since it will describe the limits for which design codes are valid and to what degree deviations appear if this parameter range is exceeded. This will be realized by a small scaled benchmark experiment, the so-called vertical backward facing step (BFS). The activities intended in this task are not limited to a certain reactor type (loop or pool) or a particular liquid metal (sodium or lead alloy). Detailed measurements will be performed of the mean and fluctuating axial and lateral temperature and velocity distribution, as well as the pressure drop at prescribed conditions at different heating/cooling powers in the mixed and forced convective regime.



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