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Figure 1: 3D sketch of the SOLTEC facility presently under construction


 SOLTEC is part of HAC, the HEMCP AMTEC Center, which is imbedded in Helmholtz Energy Material Characterization Platform (HEMCP). When realizing the demand of qualification of innovative materials for high temperature applications it became clear that this cannot be solved with one single facility. Therefore it was decided to build a universal scientific infrastructure, which fulfills all scientific and safety requirements for experiments with sodium at very high temperatures, even allowing phase change to vapor. So an 8-shape concept was selected to address the needs of three different research topics. For long term low cycle fatigue tests SOLTEC-1 delivers sodium up to a velocity of 8m/s. SOLTEC-2 is used for fast transient stress tests and a third facility (SOLTEC-3) is dedicated to AMTEC long term experiments. All three SOLTEC facilities, actually under manufacturing, are scheduled to start operation mid-2016.