Thermal-hydraulics and convection processes of liquid metal, liquid and gas flows

In energy and thermal engineering applications, laminar and turbulent gas and fluid flows occur in various parts and components. Detailed knowledge of the velocity, pressure, density and temperature or concentration fields of the flow as well as the interaction with structural materials at different operating temperature are crucial for innovative developments and energy-efficient designs of large and small scale components for the solar or nuclear power environment.

For the experimental investigation of complex flow and convection processes, the ASS group operates a series of experimental facilities equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology. In addition, the ASS group works in numerical modeling of turbulent flows and convective heat transfer. The main research topics are in the area of

  • Design, construction, conception and instrumentation of thermal-hydraulic test facilities with liquid metal, molten salt or conventional fluids as heat transfer medium.
  • Development and tests of large-scale thermal components and measurement equipment for loops with liquid sodium as heat transfer medium under high-temperature conditions, e.g. high-temperature thermal storages, CSP receivers, velocity sensors, ...
  • Experimental and numerical CFD-analysis of laminar and turbulent flows with heat transfer
  • Thermal-hydraulics of structured surfaces subjected to high thermal loads in cooling channels, heat exchangers, gas-liquid recuperators
  • Validation of CFD applications for power engineering


and are being worked on in the following projects, among others:

Liquid Metal Fluid-dynamics and Effect on Materials

High-temperature thermal storages for CSP

Flow Adaption for Heat Transfer Enhancement

Direct Transformation of Heat into Electric Energy