Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)

Reactor Physics und Dynamic (RPD)

  • Development and validation of neutron physical and thermal hydraulic calculation methods
  • Development of multiphysical methods for high-fidelity simulations
  • Reference solutions based on Monte Carlo methods coupled with termal hydraulic codes
  • Assessment of design basis accidents with coupled neutronic/thermal hydrauic codes
  • Assessment of accident management procedures for PWR and BWR with severe-accident-codes
  • Determination of inventory, activation and dose rates of reactor components with respect to planning and performance of plant dismantling


The activities of the group “Reactor physics and dynamic” are embedded in the Nuclear Safety Research Program (NUKLEAR) of KIT Energy Centre and in the HGF Research Area ENERGY.

The R&D work is focused on Light Water Reactors (LWR) and transmutation systems. Main research topics are the further development and validation of reactor-physical and reactor-dynamical simulation tools used for safety assessment. Another research field is the development and improvement of multi-physical simulation codes based on Monte Carlo neutron transport solutions. The neutron-physical methods and codes are also capable to calculate the material inventory, the radioactivity and the dose load of reactor components. These are required for planning and performance of plant dismantling in consideration of radiation protection rules. Validated reactor safety tools are used for safety assessment of reactor systems and for the development and optimization of accident management procedures related to postulated severe accidents.

Competence Areas

  • Neutron physical calculation procedures and methods, nuclear data processing
  • Reactor physics and dynamic of reactors and subcritical systems
  • Development of coupling approaches for neutronic, thermal hydraulic models related to safety analysis codes
  • Extension of coupled neutronic/thermal hydraulic codes for safety related core simulations on pin basis
  • Further development of uncertainty and sensitivity assessment methods for the qualification of multi-physics simulation codes
  • Qualification of multi-physics codes using experimental and nuclear power plant data
  • Monte Carlo based reference solutions for subassemblies and cores on pin basis
  • Calculation of nuclid inventories, activation potential and dose rates of reactor components with respect to plant dismantling
  • Contribution to education and competence conservation
    • Internships, master thesis, doctoral thesis
    • Lectureship on reactor physics, reactor dynamic and nuclear safety
    • Frederic Joliot / Otto-Hahn Summer School of CEA and KIT