The activities at MET encompass the development, adaption and characterization of measurement techniques and analysis procedures, as well as the planning/designing of experiments in the viewpoint of reduced and quantifiable errors and cross sensitivities. The group uses several flow measurement systems (Laser Doppler Anemometry, Particle Image Velocimetry, Laser Induced Fluorescence, Hot Wire Anemometry), gas analysis instruments (Quadrupole mass spectrometer, In-sito probes for specific gases) as well as high speed imaging, thermal imaging cameras and deformation measurement techniques (strain gages and customized micro capacitive displacement sensors), integrated with by PC based data acquisition systems. Several gas circulation loops (HELOKA-LP, FLEX, L-STAR) are operated by the group, as well as further facilities (LONGARC and VACARC arcing experiments) and laboratories (more information).

Main areas of interest

Profile Sensor

  • Measurement and diagnostic procedures in gas and liquid-metal cooled systems
  • Thermal hydraulics in gas and liquid-metal cooled systems
  • Physical model validation, fluid-structure interaction 
  • Mass transfer, corrosion and erosion phenomena
  • Diagnosis on accident scenarios and leckages
  • Magnet safety, arcing


Current activities concern the following projects and working fields:

  • Experimental design validation and design support for the IFMIF high flux test module (HFTM): Intensively heated low Reynolds minichannel gas flow, fluid-structure interaction by thermo-mechanically induced channel deformation.
  • High-purity gas analytics, gas purification and partitioning processes, determination of impurity source terms for helium gas loops (more information).
  • Investigation of flow phenomena of the HCPB Test Blanket Module: Distribution of coolant flow by the manifold cascade to parallel subcomponents (GRICAMAN experiment), determination of the local heat transfer in the cooling channels of the blanket’s plasma heated first wall (HETRA experiment).
  • Basic investigations of the thermal hydraulics of gas cooled reactors in the framework of several projects (THINS, GoFastR, L-STAR).
  • Investigations (experiments and modelling) of safety aspects of magnet coils and current supplies in fusion reactors, arcing experiments (MAGS, LONGARC, VACARC) (more information).
  • Design of experiment for the IFMIF Tritium Release Test Module: Determination of tritium release rates and instrumentation of the in-situ irradiaton experiment (more information).

Rig during assembly


Minichannel Experiment ITHEX-F

Handling of liquid NaK in Glovebox

Prototype of IFMIF High flow

test module in HELOKA-LP

Laser Doppler anemometer

measurement in minichannel

Laser Doppler and pressure profile mesurement

in Mini channel

IFMIF Irradiatrion Capsule

with SSTT Specimens

Experiments for Test

Blanket Manifolds

Helium circuit


Compressor facility HELOKA-LP

Q-PETE setup

How Wire Experiment