Design and Analyses of nuclear Components, Manufacturing and Qualification (DAF)


The DAF Group in INR is specialized in the Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of high heat flux components using high quality standards as in the nuclear technology. This includes:

  • Thermal, structure mechanical, and electromagentic analyses
  • Design of components, like blankets, divertors and test cells in the fusion technology
  • Qualification and analyses of advanced fabrication technologies
  • Development of multi-physics System Codes for power plant
  • System engineering

Design and analyses


The area of Design and Analyses comprise the activities related to the design development of in-vessel components for magnetic confinement (e.g. tokamak an stellarator) nuclear fusion devices, in particular for the so-called Breeding Blanket system for European DEMOnstration fusion power plant (DEMO).


The activities aim at covering the whole design cycle of the Breeding Blanket, beginning from a set of top-level system and interface requirements and going from the very first conceptual design of the system, feasibility studies, design development and detailed engineering design and analyses. The analyses covers the full spectrum of the design development, from neutronics (Serpent, MCNP) to thermal and thermo-hydraulics analyses (CFD) and thermo-mechanical analyses, which culminate with a comprehensive assessment of the system with selected nuclear codes and standards (e.g. RCC-MRX, ASME, AD-2000, etc.)


The activities are complemented with the conception, engineering design and construction of testing and prototypical mock-ups for validation, proof-of-concept and functional and manufacturing qualification.


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Qualification of Fabrication Technologies



Within DAF the development and qualification of fabrication technologies and processes for the nuclear fusion relevant components is addressed since more than one decade. In terms of the realization of the Breeder Blanket First Wall, well established technologies are investigated and existing limits have been extended towards Breeder Blanket requirements. Further, new and innovative processing routines are developed involving Additive Manufacturing options as well as conventional joining technologies. The feasibility of new technologies is firstly demonstrated in laboratory scale where the TR-Level is increased steadily up to the production of prototypical Mock Ups with industry partners organized as a portfolio providing wide experiences in key technologies.


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Numerical modelling and experimental validation


The DAF group is involved in a wide range of activities in which numerical analyses are necessary. These comprise structural-mechanical, electromagnetic and heat/mass transport studies, with focus on Design and Analysis support and plant systems optimization. These multi-physics topics are mostly investigated with Finite Element analysis tools (e.g. ANSYS), but dedicated methods and computational tools are also developed in-house to satisfy specific needs of R&D for available and future fusion power plants.

The related activities are embedded in the European Fusion Technology Programme and are supported by EUROFusion tasks and HGF.


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