Welcome to INR

The Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR) regards itself as an international institute for energy research. Innovation and research activities encompass fusion technology, solar thermal energy, thermal storage, thermoelectric conversion as well as safety analyses of nuclear facilities from accelerators to power plants. We develop in an interdisciplinary manner integral solutions for different areas ranging from single components up to entire systems. Our focus is on analysis and assessment of the dynamic and safety behavior of the facilities.

INR is organized in a matrix of expert teams and projects where its essence lies on the synergetic interlocking of numerical simulations and a large number of unique integrated test facilities. This enables us to provide answers to multiphysics and multiscale questions related to the systems under investigation. The activities are embedded in the framework of the Helmholtz Association Research Programs.

The institute offers opportunities for basic and applied learning through internships, professional trainings, lectures at the university and academic final projects. International summer schools and workshops open up opportunities for further training.