Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)

Neutronics and Nuclear Data (NK)

The Neutronics and Nuclear Data group provides a broad range of expertise in the field of nuclear physics, neutronics analyses and experiments, and reactor physics with applications to fusion and fission reactor technology systems. The related activities are conducted in the frame of the Fusion and the Nuclear programmes of KIT. They are integral parts of the European R&D Framework Programmes and are embedded in several international co-operations.

In the fusion technology area the investigations focus on contributions to the development of components for future fusion reactors (ITER, EU Demonstration and Power Reactor) and for the intense neutron source for fusion reactor material irradiation (IFMIF). The supporting R&D work include the development of computational methods, code systems, software tools and nuclear data, numerical analyses of plant components and fusion systems, and the preparation and conduction of validation experiments.

The figure below illustrates the generation of a computational model from CAD data for use in neutronics Monte Carlo calculations utilizing the McCad conversion software developed in our group.




McCad has a dedicated webpage, where you can download McCad along with related tutorials, user guides and installation instructions.


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