INR Seminar

Winter Semester 2022/2023
Time: Monday, 11.00 h
Place: KIT Campus North, INR, Building 521, Seminar Room R 302 or on-line

The following seminar program is preliminary. Please regard the individual announcements.

Date Subject Lecturer
07.11.2022 A Multi-Timescale study of advanced Fusion Power Plants using Fuel and Power Cycle modules developed for Systems-Codes Mr. Tiago Pomella Lobo,
KIT Campus Nord, INR
14.11.2022 Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis (U&S) and source term (ST) prediction Ms. Anastasia Stakhanova,
KIT Campus Nord, INR
21.11.2022 Radiation environment inside the IFMIF-DONES Test Cell and Target Interface Room Dr. Arkady Serikov,
KIT Campus Nord, INR
19.12.2022 Experimental testing of a prototypical mock-up of the fuel-breeder pin concept for the EU-DEMO HCPB breeding blanket Dr. Ali Abou Sena,
KIT Campus Nord, INR
23.01.2023 Challenges and Contributions of numerical studies of helium cooled first wall channels of DEMO Dr. Christine Klein,
KIT Campus Nord, INR

Note: All outside visitors need daily access authorization. You will receive this upon registration by presenting your identity card or passport.