Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)







Helium Loop for Materials tests HEMAT

The helium loop HEMAT is dedicated to the development and testing of new and improved materials for advanced efficient industrial processes at high temperatures. First applications are in the field of renewable energy. Here new materials are necessary e.g. for concentrated solar power stations and decentralized supply systems. Further, materials for future fusion reactors or the European Spallation Source ESS may be tested.

In this loop, isothermal experiments on erosion and oxidation of new materials will be conducted over a wide temperature range up to 750 °C. Partial pressures of impurities in Helium (e.g. hydrogen, oxygen, and others) will be adjustable. A mass flow rate of max. 10 g/s at 3 – 4 bars operational pressure will be possible. At the moment, the test bed is designed and optimized with the help of CFD simulations.