Group   Task  Leader
 ADE  Analysis of Beyond Design Nuclear Events  Dr. A. Rineiski
 ASS  Facility Design, System Dynamics and Safety  Dr. W. Hering
 DAF  Design and Analyses of nuclear Components,
 Manufacturing and Qualification
 Dr. L. V. Boccaccini
 FPQ  Financial, Personal and Cross-section Tasks  Dr. R. Schwarz
 KEK  Complex Experiments, Experimental Design  Dr. B.-E. Ghidersa
 MET  Measurement Technology and Experimental Methods   Dr. F. Arbeiter
 NK  Neutronics and Nuclear Data  Dr. D. Leichtle
 RPD  Reactor Physics and Dynamic  Dr. Victor Hugo Sanchez Espinoza 
 TSO  Thermal-hydraulic Simulations and Optimization  Prof. Dr. X. Cheng