Research areas 

  • Safety analysis of advanced reactors
  • Prevention and mitigation strategies in nuclear facilities
  • Neutronic development of fast systems
  • Multiphase and multicomponent flows


Projects and cooperation

  • Cooperation with European and international partners for the development of the SIMMER-Codes
  • Safety analyses of ADS (e.g. MYRRHA), fast reactors (e.g. ESFR) and molten salt reactors (MSFR) for EU HORIZON 2020, IAEO and bilateral projects.
  • Simulation of experiments, especially for subcritical systems (e.g. KUCA) for IAEO projects
  • Safety of advanced fuels for ADS and fast reactors for EU HORIZON 2020, OECD/NEA and bilateral projects.



Multi-physics code systems for safety and dynamics of nuclear systems:

  • SIMMER-III and SIMMER-IV: Accident analysis systems for the simulation of accident scenarios in advanced reactors, including severe accidents.
  • KIN3D neutron kinetics model for ultrashort transients in subcritical systems, integrated in ERANOS: simulation of experiments for monitoring subcriticality in ADS.
  • Deterministic methods such as ERANOS and PARTISN for neutron transport.
  • Monte-Carlo Neutron transport (MCNP) for validation of deterministic methods.
  • KORIGEN and C4P-TRAIN for long-term phenomena, burn-up, radioactive decay, residual heat, radiotoxicity, preparation of multigroup neutron cross sections for SIMMER, COUPLE and other codes.
  • COUPLE: for analyses of operating conditions and design-basis accident scenarios in molten salt reactors.
  • Fuel Performance Codes: Fuel behavior under normal and accident conditions.


Fig.1. Simulation of End-of-Life-Experiments in Phenix (IAEO Project): Power distribution in the plane after control rod movement.