Neutron physical analyses for the DEMO fusion reactor

  • type:Bachelor/Master thesis
  • time:By appointment immediately
  • place:

    Dr. D. Leichtle, INR
    Tel. +49 72160822484

  • Objective goal

    In order to design and optimize components for the DEMO fusion reactor, a variety of neutron physics analyses have to be carried out. These are based on particle transport calculations with the Monte Carlo MCNP program, for which a very detailed three-dimensional model is available. In order to address specific issues, this model must first be adapted to the current problem. Subsequently, the necessary calculations can be performed to determine important nuclear variables such as power and neutron flux density distribution.


    The Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis may focus on the following topics:

    o  3D geometry modelling, 3D visualization

    o  MCNP transport invoices


    Tutor: Dr. Dieter Leichtle, INR

    Reviewer: Prof. Dr. R. Stieglitz, INR